📣 Exciting News: My Course on Cloud Alliances! 🚀

Nofar Asselman
2 min readJun 30


Get the Full Playbook to Scale your Business with Cloud Service Providers

TLDR: Click here to claim the course for FREE (this free coupon will expire in 5 days, once you claim it, the course is yours forever).

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new course, “Mastering Cloud Alliances: Scaling your Business with Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)!

🔑 Unlock the Potential of Cloud Alliances with My Practical Playbook 🔑

In this course, I provide a comprehensive Cloud Alliances Playbook that covers key strategies and practices to help you scale your business through partnerships with cloud service providers. You’ll learn:

▶ Effective ways to leverage partnerships with cloud service providers to drive business growth

▶ How to develop and measure a robust partnership strategy for long-term success

▶ Proven techniques for successful co-selling with cloud service providers

▶ Strategies to train your sales team for optimal collaboration with CSP sellers, leading to increased sales

▶ The importance of utilizing Cloud Marketplaces and how to leverage them to maximize results

🎯 Free Access for the Medium Community! 🎯

As an active member of the Community, I’ve gained immense knowledge and support from all of you. Now, I am excited to give back by offering this course for FREE to community. Pay attention: this free coupon will expire in 5 days. Once you claim the course, it’s yours forever, and you’re welcome to share it with your colleagues.

👉 To enroll for free, click here.

If you have any questions about the course, please shoot them here, and I’ll be happy to respond.



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