How to Leverage Cloud Alliances to Drive Business Growth

“For every $1 of revenue that Microsoft generates, partners generate an additional $9.64 of revenue“

Sounds great, but where do you start?

The 5 Pillars of Cloud Alliances

1. Strategy

2. Product

3. Internal Recognition

4. Marketing & Brand Awareness.

5. Sales

Key takeaways:

  1. Build a cloud alliances strategy
  2. Leverage product teams to improve customers’ experience.
  3. Identify the key stakeholders that can help you to gain recognition with relevant teams
  4. Collaborate with Marketing teams to brand credibility
  5. Work with sales teams to maximize opportunities and to accelerate revenue growth.



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Nofar Asselman

Nofar Asselman

Startup Partnerships Lead at Microsoft Cloud (ex-AWS Hero) Focused on Channels, Partners & Alliances. Traveler & tennis lover