[Highlight your AWS Business] How to Launch Opportunities in the AWS Partners Portal

How Many Opportunities Are You Required to Submit to Meet the APN Tiers?

The new APN requirements

Which Opportunities Shall you Submit?

  • Leads/opportunities — AWS customers that you are engaging with, in different stages (demo, trial, technical evaluation, business discussions, etc.)
  • Up-sell opportunities with AWS customers
  • New customers that have the potential to extend their AWS adoption with your help.

How to Sumit Opportunities?

  1. Go to the APN Portal ⇒ click “my customers” tab. This is where you can add new opportunities and manage existing customer engagements on AWS.
  2. Click — “Add.”
  3. Fill out the required fields.
  4. Click — “Submit” — a message will display confirming your submission was successful.
New Opportunity Form

The AWS Validation Phase

How to Launched an Opportunity?

How to Track Your Launched Opportunities?

Epsagon’s APN scorecard, after achieving the APN tier requirements

Using the Opportunities Submission Tool to Build Your Co-sell Strategy and Highlight your AWS Business

Key Takeaways

  1. Submit opportunities at your earliest convenience, as it may take some time for them to get validated.
  2. Connect with AWS sales teams directly to launch an opportunity. Get support as needed.
  3. Don’t stop submitting opportunities when you meet the APN tiers’ criteria. Opportunities will be your gate to the AWS Sales team and co-sell initiatives.



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Nofar Asselman

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