AWS Partner Journey — PART II — How to become an AWS Partner

  • Registered
  • Select (previously called — Standard)
  • Advanced

Select Tier — benefits and requirements

  • Select Partner Logo. Once you are a Select partner, you can use AWS Select Partner Logo. You can put the partner logo on your website page, or any of your collateral.
  • Access to APN Marketing Central — there you can find multiple pre-approved and self-served campaigns. Also, you can work on a customized campaign with a digital agency that is recommended by AWS.
  • AWS Promotional Credits — you get $3.5K in AWS credits upon payment of the annual APN program fee.
  • AWS Promotional Credits for AWS Certification — $300 per Associate Certification and $500 per Professional or Specialty Certification.
  • APN Competency Program — Select partners are eligible to apply for the Competency Program (previously only Advanced partners could apply). So that means that you can work on your Advanced status AND the competency simultaneously, and save some valuable time! With the new requirements, the criteria for the Advanced tier and the Competency have a few touching points (see the discussion here).
  • AWS Solution finder. As Select partners, we were displayed (and still are) in the AWS Partner Solutions Finder. The APN Solution Finder is a cool tool where companies can search for solutions within the AWS partners' network. HOWEVER, in order to find your company, the persons who are looking for a solution have to search for your company specifically. For instance, when Epsagon was a Select partner, you would have to look for “Epsagon” in order to find our profile page. Today, as Advanced partners, it is enough to search for monitoring solutions in order to find Epsagon.
  • Company Name
  • Country
  • Problem Statement/ Definition (before starting to use your solution)
  • Proposed Solution & Architecture (of your company)
  • Start and End Date of Project (approximate)
  • Outcomes of Project & Success Metrics
  • Describe TCO Analysis Performed (can be estimated, for instance, how much time does your solution saves for customers)
  • Lessons Learned

Advanced tier — benefits and requirements

  • APN Advanced logo — same as in the Select tier, just this time you can use the “Advanced” partner logo.
  • AWS Promotional Credit — in the amount of $5K (upon payment of the annual APN program fee).
  • Market Development Funding (MDF) — $15K (annually) in cash. If you also have Competency, you are entitled to an additional $5K. Learn more.
  • Joint AWS Case Studies — a written or video case study that shows how your company solves specific challenges of AWS customers.
  • AWS Promotional Credit for AWS Certification — $300 per Associate Certification and $500 per Professional or Specialty Certification.
  • APN Guest Blog Post — you can publish a blog post on the APN blog.
  • Joint Webinars.
  • Access to APN Marketing Central (see details above under the Select tier).
  • Competency Program — as soon as we obtained the Advanced status, I applied for the DevOps Competency Program. For more details see part III.
  • Additional AWS resources.



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Nofar Asselman

Nofar Asselman

Startup Partnerships Lead at Microsoft Cloud (ex-AWS Hero) Focused on Channels, Partners & Alliances. Traveler & tennis lover